Thursday, May 10, 2012

May rain doesn't dampen our spirits

We were skipping right along with huge progress for the first couple of weeks after the lumber arrived at the lodge site. Then the weather, once again, got in the way. These pictures show the first floor framing complete and the second floor loft and bedroom joists and part of the subfloor. We tried to stay up there last weekend to get moving with the porch posts and the framing for the wrap-around porch, but RAIN again stopped us.
It's hard to tell from this view, but the livingroom is on the right in the front, dining area and kitchen are behind it. The bedrooms are the two room at the front and back on the left. The door near the center of the back wall goes into the mudroom/pantry.
Side view looking at the livingroom to the right and the diningroom door on the left. The porch wraps from the back of the house on the left here, around the front, and spans the far side too. We're going to love the porch. I just know it.
This gives a fairly good idea what's happening with the second floor. The loft on the right looks down into the livingroom, which has a cathredral ceiling. The steps go up from the center front of the livingroom. 
The weekend wasn't a total loss, although it was close with the temporary structure over the livingroom colapsing from the weight of the water from all the RAIN. We camped out and had a wonderful fire. It was Supermoon Saturday night, made extra special by the appearance of my son Aaron and his daughter Alexis.

In the morning, Tom's nephew Brian and his daughter Samantha showed up for a little bluegill fishing. The girls (both 5) pulled in a fish every time their hooks hit the water. They were enthralled!